Back Matter. Experimental psychology explores basic concepts, such as memory and motivation, in many areas, such as child, social and educational psychology. “The Experimental Psychology BA was a great grounding for further study. However, the meaning of observation goes a little further as compared to discussed above. experimental researc ohn choking don teo date has used sensori-motor task osf on kine d or another (Baumeister, 1984 &; Lewis Linder, 1997 Masters; 1992), . History of Experimental Psychology. PDF. Experimental psychology refers to work done by those who apply experimental methods to psychological study and the processes that underlie it. PDF. … See more. PDF | This editorial discusses changes happening throughout the journal. Wundt was the first to call himself a "psychologist", and was also the first research/experimental psychologist. Also missing is developmental psychology, in which the normal adult state is seen to arise from changes occurring in childhood and is seen to decline in some ways in old age (along with a continuing increase in wisdom in some areas). The Experimental Method