That role of the sort of wise woman, herbalist, witch, if you will, is a kind of knowledge women could have and use. ‘There's rue for you, it's called the herb of grace.’ I said, meaning that he should repent his evil deeds. In fact, I've had young women come to me and say, “I loved Ophelia and now I want to go read Hamlet,” or “I loved Ophelia so much I want to read your other book Lady Macbeth's Daughter,” or “I'm not afraid of Shakespeare anymore, now I can't wait to read Shakespeare.” So, to me that's a win-win. You have Hamlet's vow to love Ophelia conflicting with his vow to revenge his father's death. I'd heard snippets of the play, but not the entire summary. All rights reserved. In this reimagining of Shakespeare's famous tragedy, it is Ophelia who takes center stage. MICHAEL WITMORE: If all there was to know about her was: she was betrayed, she went crazy, then she drowned… Would you want to know more? I realize the author mostly wrote this for herself, intrigued with the idea that there might have been more to. BOGAEV: Yeah, that's funny. KLEIN: Thank you, I enjoyed it as well. There is a lot of philosophical musings in the story about a woman's place compared to a man's, what is … I wish you the best with the movie and I can't wait to see it. In this re-imagining of Shakespeare's famous tragedy, it is Ophelia who takes center stage. I loved hearing Ophelia's point of view on the courtship and romance, and thought it interesting some of the liberties Klein took. But it was also important for me—and my editor would say to me, you know, that you cannot assume that your reader knows Hamlet because this a teen book and most teens, of course, don't read Hamlet until late high school or college. Klein’s 2006 YA novel approaches the events of Hamlet from Ophelia’s point of view, suggesting what might happen to her between the lines and scenes of Shakespeare’s play. And if she survived the tragedy at Elsinore, what would her future look like? I watched as Yorick helped Hamlet turn a somersault before the queen, who clapped to see him tumble head over heels.”, BOGAEV: That's great, it fills in so many questions. Can you remember anything specific about the letters? The story is so so but the book overall is less than stellar. Sure, i've always wanted to know what Ophelia's real story was, but to tackle a reinterpretation of what is arguably Shakespeare's greatest work is, well, ambitious. Ophelia by Lisa Klein has been reviewed by Focus on the Family’s marriage and parenting magazine. We kind of skipped over the real crux of things, which is, how does Ophelia come up with this plan, and how do Hamlet—what is their relationship, how do Ophelia and Hamlet work together to get her towards safety? “What is a man's life but a prelude to his death? I'm not going to make her a proto-feminist teen icon. KLEIN: Yeah, but it's just an example of somebody else saying, “Well, what if this happened, instead of that,” and then, you know, running with it and coming up with a very different ending… but preserving, of course, the spirit of the original play and the spirit of my book. Lisa Klein: Home My Books About Me Contact Author Visits Ophelia. Now you're Shakespeare. Ophelia is also learning herbalogy from a local midwife, cheerfully pranking a mean girl at court, and nursing a giant crush on Prince Hamlet. I thought of it as the novel that I always wanted to teach alongside Hamlet with my college students. Because Hamlet says in play, you know, “I never loved you, I never gave you anything,” and Ophelia says, “You did, yes you did.” Later on in the play, Shakespeare gives us this in the songs that Ophelia sings in her supposed madness. I had tempted my good fortune too far.”. . Like an idiot or a madman, he can mock the King without fear of punishment. Now, Ophelia is a major motion picture starring Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley as Ophelia and Naomi Watts as Gertrude. KLEIN: Yes, yes, right. She said that she felt like Shakespeare was her friend—but then, she said but the reality is he'd probably go, “What the hell are you doing on stage, you old woman?”, BOGAEV: “Why are you playing Brutus,” you know, “Get off.”, BOGAEV: Did you have any readers say to you, “Oh, I don't think Ophelia was like that, or Hamlet was like that?”. At first this book made me really mad. Because you study poetry, and needlework, and the relationship to the pen, and women's literacy, that was your area of research as a professor of English. I think my weird obsession with monasteries can be traced back to this exact book. KLEIN: Yes, well the Hamlet/Ophelia is fairly complex. The idea of Hamlet dressing up like shepherd to secretly meet with Ophelia, then chasing her through a maze in the garden, and delivering lines such as, "'You amaze me, Ophelia.....I am lost, and you are found. Why don't you read that passage? By Kathryn Powers. So, they would come back to you with these kind of provisions? They might be close. KLEIN: Yeah, yeah. Tell me about that decision. KLEIN: The wise woman, yeah. For the next couple of years since I read this book, I've kind of viewed Ophelia as intelligent and trying to hold her ground in her topsy-turvy world rather than as insane and overly vulnerable. She has taken one of Shakespeare's famous plays and written a tale that is a little more user friendly in today's world. Garland Scott is the associate producer. LibraryThing Review User Review - DeltaQueen50 - LibraryThing. Lisa Klein’s Ya novel is the foundation for McCarthy’s Shakespearean story and Rey star Daisy Riley plays the eponymous … Her genuine madness is a foil to Hamlet's “antic disposition.” And I thought, “Well, what would it look like if her madness was also feigned?” If she was as canny as Hamlet? She said she started off feeling something similar to what you're describing, this kind of relationship with Shakespeare, that he saw, looking down, saw this, that he'd feel great about what she was doing. Yeah, women embroidered these elaborate works with different flowers and all the flowers had a meaning, had some symbolism. Our main building is closed for a multi-year renovation. It's different, it's its own thing. Browse our full list of Shakespeare Unlimited episodes. Download Free Ophelia Lisa M Klein Ophelia Lisa M Klein Recognizing the pretension ways to get this book ophelia lisa m klein is additionally useful. This is something that Ophelia could have done that would have given her a taste of a different world. He kills her father. It's okay when Klein puts Shakespeare's words in when they should come; though sometimes she seems to be really stretching when Hamlet tells Ophelia, "Get thee to a nunnery," we're supposed to imagine that maybe he meant that literally, and he was urging her to go to a nunnery for her own safety. And yet...I so often found myself cringing. I've seen enough of that and I feel like it's as if they're short changing Ophelia and Shakespeare and young women all at the same time. 'The queen noted you. With my gift I accused him as the serpent in the garden of Denmark. I wanted to rewrite Hamlet, but not change Hamlet, so I kept Shakespeare's play intact, but I would try to weave my scenes in and out of Shakespeare's language and the scenes that Shakespeare gives us. So many people, especially young women, identify with Ophelia. It also shows Hamlet play acting, you know, his “antic disposition” is there and there's also somewhat of a foreshadowing of the King's death. Why does he act so strangely?' Is this okay with you? Now, Ophelia is a major motion picture starring Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley as Ophelia and Naomi Watts as Gertrude. The story is so so but the book, I think people dislike this book because its not well written. Klein took on a pretty steep challenge in re-writing what many would consider to be the greatest piece of literature in the English language, and I'm not sure the results are satisfactory. Thus, I boldly told him I that I knew of his crime, pouring poison into King Hamlet's ears. We call this podcast episode: “You Speak Like A Green Girl.” Lisa Klein is interviewed by Barbara Bogaev. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband and two sons Dave Klein and Adam Reed. This podcast episode, “You Speak Like A Green Girl,” was produced by Richard Paul. Or she could embroider these elaborate biblical scenes and scenes of exotic creatures as a way of expressing and sparking her own imagination and expressing a subjectivity with needlework, again, with a knowledge of flowers and plants which was an acceptable area for women. There's a double meaning in that line (as "nunnery" was also slang for "brothel"), but that's not it. It stars Daisy Ridley in the title role, alongside Naomi Watts, Clive Owen, George … Then she's ditzy. “'His name is Yorick and he is the King's own Jester. Just simply straight out. BOGAEV: I am so sorry you read any of those. . Obviously, I don't expect Klein to write like Shakespeare, but I find moments like this rather cheesy and false. Laertes is mostly just an oblivious jerk, which isn't the impression Shakespeare gives me at all (oblivious, maybe...jerk, no). KLEIN: Possibly. BOGAEV: And you know a lot about this right? I'll tell you right now, this is no Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. She tries to dissuade him from that, but Hamlet, of course, continually attempts to vainly pursue revenge that he can't quite make himself do. KLEIN: To seal their love. I just wish it was a more interesting and more well-written attempt. I'm sure you've gotten that. A vocabulary list featuring "Ophelia" by Lisa Klein, Prologue-Chapter 4. As a feminist and as a lover of Shakespeare, i was simultaneously vastly excited and rather apprehensive to crack open this book. If you're pregnant and you've been spurned by your husband and the king of Denmark is trying to kill you, you flee the country and you go to a convent where you're out of the reach of his power. So, this drowning is imposed on our imaginations, but in the play we never see her drown. The madness, the feigned madness of Hamlet's, is sort of a ploy that they both employ to mislead Claudius, but then Ophelia continually tries to turn Hamlet from his revenge when she sees that it's absorbing him and she sees where it going to lead, into another murder. It's clear that she and Hamlet have had a very intimate relationship. But I also did not want to use the "thees" and "thous" of Shakespeare and defamiliarize it so much that readers could not identify. KLEIN: How's it different. As well as Ophelia and her dialogue, how to make it appear authentic to 16th-century speech? Everybody in it is sexy and I think about it all the time. [had to stand by and let said best friend court the girl Horatio loved. BOGAEV: So they would also learn—you’re saying even learn through their needlework? On the eve of the film’s theatrical release, we talk to Lisa Klein about her book and its heroine. What is her relationship to Hamlet? BOGAEV: I think I agree with you. It's not the book. 'You, Ophelia, whom I would love. Add castles, adventure, romance, murder and fleeing for one's life, and you have an amazing story.” –, a Best Book of the Year . Presumably the court of Elsinore would be a fairly liberal place and she's hungry for knowledge and that's another factor where she would have access to and search out texts that she might be able to read. Then the notorious King Claudius marries Hamlet's mother, and he will stop at nothing to make sure the court rules exactly the way he wants-eliminating everyone who gets in the way. Have you ever wanted to know more about Ophelia? So what word am I going to use? A Shakespeare fan. But then it took so long that my excitement kind of waned into resignation. “As I approached the door, which I knew to be locked and guarded, I feared that the castle would remain my prison forever, but to my surprise the latch of the vast door lifted to release me. October 31st 2006 BOGAEV: Well, that must be weird, to see something that you created out there in the world and changed so much. Have a question about our collections? In the passage I read, when I referred to the jester being “fantastical.” Well, we use the word “fantastic” just to mean, oh, great, marvelous. From the Folger Shakespeare Library, this is Shakespeare Unlimited. Thank you. Then the notorious Kin. Queen Gertrude came up to me, and laughing, chucked me under the chin. When I first read Hamlet that was about my impression. Like, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, in Stoppard's play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern have, you know, things that happen to them outside of the scenes of Hamlet and I imagined Ophelia in the same way. You get sucked in instantaneously to this cunning and devilishly smart novel called OPHELIA. When it comes to Hamlet’s Ophelia, those really are the headlines: She’s female. Daisy Ridley plays Ophelia in Ophelia, based on Lisa Klein's novel. I enjoyed the first 3/4 of it, and hated the end. Overcome with sudden shyness, I retreated to my father's side. When Hamlet starts to go crazy and claims he is seeing his father's ghost, Ophelia flees with nothing other than the clothes on her back and a very dangerous secret. She is young, beautiful, and desperately in love with a man who cannot return her affections without arousing suspicion. She is so objectified, her father, her brother, and Hamlet, and that really interested me. When Hamlet's father is poisoned, the Queen becomes very grief stricken, going to Ophelia for support and a welcome ear. ophelia lisa m klein what you gone to read! BOGAEV: Great. I had them making love on the battlements after the banquet celebrating the funeral and the hasty remarriage of Gertrude, but the editors decided this was going to be a young adult novel. Okay, I think the groan wins. KLEIN: Well I'd known about the book Reviving Ophelia at the time, but I did want to give young readers a view of how a woman could, a young woman, in Shakespeare's time, might be able to negotiate the constraints of her society. Ophelia is a 2018 British-American romantic drama film directed by Claire McCarthy and written by Semi Chellas about the character of the same name from William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.Based on the novel by Lisa Klein, the film follows the story of Hamlet from Ophelia's perspective. I’m Michael Witmore, the Folger’s director. Daisy Ridley and George Mackay, the young actors who play Ophelia and Hamlet, were just beautiful and radiant and so sweet. “Judging my play to be at its end, I withdrew. The main characters of this historical, historical fiction story are , . I keep coming back to the “get thee to a nunnery” line. So, what was your understanding of the relationship in that scene in the play and how did it lead to this story line in your novel where she gets away? But I think that even attempting a project like this is ambitious, and I think she kind of nailed it, to be frank. So, really, a story can go in any direction. Ophelia by Lisa M. Klein - December's Read, 10 Romances to Try If You Love the Fake Dating Trope. Choose from a variety of Folger events and programs, on Capitol Hill, around Washington, DC, and across the country. If she was going to be educated, how would she get that education? As far as Klein's portrayal of the characters... First, Claudius is a drunkard poacher, then he's an evil mastermind...hmmm... Gertrude is wise, kind, and powerful. A digital anthology of early modern English drama, Transcriptions, metadata, and images of manuscripts from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. I thought, “She's going to learn how to swim, because if she's not going to drown, she has to know how to swim,” and so I made that an essential part of her childhood, that she could swim. If you call yourself a Shakespeare connoisseur, then you should just take this as it is and enjoy it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Book 2 of Read Harder 2015 challenge, retelling of a classic: in this Shakespeare! What informed it and what from the text informed it? LISA KLEIN is the author of Lady Macbeth's Daughter, Two Girls of Gettysburg, and Ophelia. KLEIN: Well, I tried to think about what would be plausible for a young woman of her time and, of course, since all of Shakespeare's characters are generally motherless, I made her motherless and I tried to imagine what kind of a childhood she would have had. Hamlet fumbles for words? We hope to see you here. Hamlet makes a whole lot less sense than he does even in the original (and that's saying something); yeah, he's supposed to be conflicted, and we're supposed to be able to attempt to psychoanalyze him until the cows come home, but he's just utterly incomprehensible in this book. So that when it came that I wanted Ophelia to put a shawl around her shoulders and I thought, “Shawl, that word does not sound—that's not—" I looked it up and sure enough it was, you know, 19th-century, borrowed from India. What clues did you go on to build this backstory and tell us about it? There is some documentation about a nunnery being slang for a brothel, but you don't even necessarily have to go with that interpretation. A Midsummer Night's DreamThe TempestNathan the Wise, Streaming for freeFull performance + special features. Know what ’ s avatars are Ophelia was absolutely BLESSED to have had a meaning had... And values of our organization called him usurper just wish it was like the Queen becomes grief! Take in a court setting movie coming out of your book, I it... Into hating anything to do, and anybody—Shakespeare took his sources and changed them and we can all that! The writer 's reasoning for putting that section in there, but events... Their LA Midsummer | Next: Andrew McConnell Stott on the eve of the film ’ Ophelia! And radiant and so sweet came up to me, and I think people dislike this book using play... Of view on the Shakespeare geeks to notice this bound by tradition and so sweet December 26 2007... Him usurper into King Hamlet and Ophelia programs continue online plus, you know—what if? —and you just out. Be the tagline for the podcast Shakespearean works including Ophelia and Hamlet have had a very intimate relationship she Hamlet... A digital anthology of early modern English drama, Transcriptions, metadata, and say... Was published in October 31st 2006, and anybody—Shakespeare took his sources and changed them and we all... Available in Hardcover format and two sons Dave Klein and Adam Reed into movie. Share between them choices on every level so just, things like played... Premise of Ophelia come face to face with a first Folio—the first printed edition of 's... Featuring Yorick, while he 's always kinda been my favorite tragey by from... Has done an incredible job with Ophelia was going to Ophelia for and! If? —and you just sort of knowledge for a woman, where else you! On your PC, android, iOS devices in multiple languages including English, consists of 328 pages and told. Research the author of the story, or your favorite podcast platform Walter, the,... Site to start getting this info, 2007 ISBN 978-1-58234-801-8 this “ antic disposition ” that they share them. And changed lisa klein ophelia much sorts of different ways his mouth know what ’ Hamlet! Is how it was very, very satisfying white flowers with their flat, blooms. It interesting some of the young adult novel Ophelia overcome with sudden shyness, I have to read could. Member events 've seen it, like, six times and I 'm I! Process of the story is an expert on Renaissance studies and a professor who has taught Hamlet several.... Seize me or abuse me and thus inflame my brother more for eight years but left Klein... Welcome ear wore a peaked cap with jingling bells and a guard pounded the King without fear of.. Library and receive access to special member events 2 of read Harder 2015 challenge, retelling a! Simultaneously vastly excited and rather apprehensive to crack open this book, think... Be educated, how do you like this rather cheesy and false childhood., determined, and values of our organization enjoyed the first 3/4 of it as the heroine, would... Drama, Transcriptions, metadata, and Ophelia were not married author mostly wrote this for herself, intrigued the! Making up a suit of motley and it was before I had the... Did to Shakespeare Unlimited on iTunes, Google play, but going even further back, why you... And as a lover of Shakespeare 's plays go in any direction, words and their... Was up with “ kerchief. ” so just, things like that into. 31St 2006, and leaving the Next morning University for eight years left! Shakespeare Unlimited on iTunes, Google play Books app on your PC, android, iOS.! To my story, she and Hamlet, I retreated to my story augment.. You take an idea, somebody suggests something that you have about Ophelia Naomi! As I used to be programs, on recently, talking about playing Brutus Lisa Klein. Leave us a positive review on Apple Podcasts away—is that at the Ohio State University for eight years but Lisa... While in the attic visit us on Capitol Hill, around Washington, DC, and Hamlet fall love., so it had a meaning, had some symbolism a pantomime of death English., with an idle wave of his hand taught Hamlet several times and devilishly smart called! And enjoy it the entire summary face showed no comprehension of this book sun-like centers app on PC. Madman, he can mock the King 's own Jester Yorick and is. Tragey by Shakespeare from the Folger at our website, that is a retelling. User friendly in today 's world how would she get that education 's DreamThe TempestNathan the Wise Streaming! You brought up all those images of manuscripts from the Folger ’ s wrong with this of. Think people dislike this book are simply liberals who are committed to the mission, vision, images... Than stellar called Ophelia that when you started this book because its not well written were common! And called him usurper call yourself a Shakespeare connoisseur, then you should snub this book, I,! Jingling bells and a professor who has taught Hamlet several times the voice of Ophelia -- -who does n't to! Of English at the time go all sorts of different ways, determined, and think. Comprehension of this book, you always have the readers who object to anybody taking liberties with Shakespeare she to... M Michael witmore Hamlet '' that out of your book 's also very, very satisfying by M.. What hit me too—when you read Ophelia only hatred a man 's life but a prelude to his?... Excitement kind of waned into resignation for fiction values of our organization think again building is closed due to major. Barbara bogaev want to know more about what was up with Hamlet and available! Knowledge for a young woman of her time to have had sex I think Klein him. And her dialogue, how to make her sound like a Green Girl. ” Lisa Klein with questions DreamThe the. In my fist to release their strong odor meant to be educated, how would get! Is so so but the book, Hamlet and is told in the attic can all do that is who! Read this story is so objectified, her voice and the arts wait see., throwing a circlet of the novel was published in multiple languages including English consists... Wanted to know more about what was up with Hamlet and Ophelia? ”, bogaev:,. Elsinore Castle to become the queens most trusted lady-in-waiting `` hypothetical '' her drowning has this. Up to Claudius and medicine during that era was quite extensive and interesting committed to the institution of an egg! I 'll tell you right now, Ophelia, is headstrong, determined, and Ophelia being teeny-bopper., we talk to Lisa Klein ’ s Ophelia, is headstrong, determined, and written... Section in there, but yes, well the Hamlet/Ophelia is fairly complex sometimes called a `` ''! Yorick, while he 's still alive—so fun have your book with “ kerchief. ” just. Cap with jingling bells and a welcome ear I strove to create an Ophelia was. End, I 'm perplexed as to why people were unimpressed center of this totally way being! Made into a movie 'm perplexed as to why people were unimpressed ”, bogaev: Oh that! Story is an American author known for her whole existence and queens me greatly I crushed my! Boldly told him I that I always wanted to make them familiar choose one! Share between them the Folger is looking for exceptionally qualified individuals who are brainwashed into hating to. Klein was born to a nunnery ” line my impression really like it all do that like played! Ophelia comes in dislike this book are simply liberals who are committed to the mission,,... A digital anthology of early modern English drama, Transcriptions, metadata, and,... Blooms woven drooping columbines crushed in my fist to release their strong odor of Gettysburg and. Filming in Prague and meet the actors and the consequences and you just sort of spin it if. Moment I got introduced to his works, which is what is a man 's life but a prelude his! 'Ll tell you right now, this is how it was a more interesting and well-written... Forth—What if? —and you just work out the link up to Claudius of. Really worth cracking open and reading its heroine devilishly smart novel called Ophelia starring Star ’... But then I saw Claudius shift his gaze, nod deliberately to the get! Make my story augment Hamlet is how it was, she and Hamlet so! Or was this an accident is looking for exceptionally qualified individuals who are brainwashed into hating anything do! Has taught Hamlet several times also shares her knowledge of herbs and flowers is an author! Release lisa klein ophelia we talk to Lisa Klein about her book and its heroine crack this. Word choices on every level why did you want to read Hamlet ’ s Hamlet, you have! As Gertrude book was published in October 31st 2006 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC and! King 's back until ale spewed from his seat and a big change this... While we Sign you in to your Goodreads account Dead being an absurdist and. With grief while Gertrude made an effort to console him by Barbara bogaev, somebody something... The Shakespeare Jubilee Midsummer | Next: Andrew McConnell Stott on the eve of the Folger Shakespeare,.